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All across Europe, members of our are standing up to take action by participating in and organising events and activities. Some have had their say on the future of Europe, and others have learnt new skills. Through their experiences they have made an impact, and their experiences have impacted them. Discover their stories.


Natascia's commitment to spread the word about the European institutions and their work

I have been part of the network since I joined the #ThisTimeIamVoting campaign. 

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Be a European Volunteer! Choose to get involved! The future is yours!

Europe is my home. The European Parliament has become my second home since I became a volunteer with the European Parliament Liaison Office in Romania two years ago.

The next Europe

My name is Imre János, I was born in 2005 in a small Hungarian town, Jászberény, only a year after Hungary joined the European Union. I have encountered the community, as a junior ambassador. This community - for me - is an opportunity for international advocacy, it is community where I am free to express my opinions and where my thoughts have weight and drives actions and results.

Joining a place of like-minded people

Sabīne, political science student. My journey with the community began even before it was created, when it was known as the campaign. I got involved in it as a pupil at the Riga secondary school No 25, one of the European Parliament’s Ambassador Schools.

The more active we are, the better the European future that awaits us

My name is Ruben, I'm 26 years old and after finishing my degree in European Studies I realized I could further my knowledge. 

I wanted to learn more about the European institutions and be aware of what is proposed in the EP.

I became a volunteer because I wanted to learn more about the European institutions and to be abreast of what was going on in the European Parliament. I felt that I didn’t know enough about how the European Parliament works and I didn’t know what MEPs did exactly. 

Even being a foreigner, I feel very well integrated as part of the community.

Since I began to volunteer for, I have been able to take part in events that have enabled me to bring young people closer to European affairs.

Liam believes that goals can be achieved as a community.

For me, Europe means that goals which appear to be unattainable for individuals can be achieved as a community.

Europe in schools thanks to Carola and other friends of the community

I became a member of after the success of ThisTimeIamVoting.

Young people should be given a seat at the table

As a young European and a youth worker, I feel responsible for the future of Europe. I firmly believe that empowering young people with the attitudes, knowledge and skills to take part in decision-making will contribute to the sustainability of our democracies and to fostering a common sense of identity. That is why I joined, to encourage active citizenship and to be part of a community based on shared values and mutual commitment to furthering to European project.